About build week

There is literally a job for everyone, even if you've never used a power tool in your life.

All you need is:

  • A good attitude
  • A desire to help
  • 4 free hours to work a build shift

Over 3,200 volunteers, supervised by playground construction professionals, will build the All-Together Playground in 7 days. We need your help.

Playground construction will run from Monday, September 5th through Sunday, September 11th. Each day will have three shifts:

  • Morning Shift | 8am - 12pm
  • Afternoon Shift | 12:30pm - 5pm
  • Night Shift | 5:30pm - Dark

*NOTE: Children age 10-13 may work on site if always accompanied by a responsible adult. Children age 14-17 can work independently but cannot use power tools. Children younger than age 10 are not allowed on site due to safety concerns.  

coming september 2016

city center park | orem, ut 

What is an All-Abilities Playground?

Children with disabilities often cannot play on a standard playground and therefore cannot take advantage of the amazing benefits that play provides. 

An all-abilities playground is a space that provides inclusive play opportunities for children of all ages and abilities. These types of playgrounds are designed to promote the healthy development of all children's physical, social, cognitive, and sensory abilities.

An all-abilities playground in Orem will give all children in Utah County the chance to play, grow, and learn side-by-side. 

Help make the All-Together Playground a reality by donating today. 

Orem City Council member Tom MacDonald explains what the All-Together Playground is and why Utah County needs it. 

Examples of All-Abilities Playgrounds from Across the United States


City Center Park is the perfect location for the All-Together Playground. Not only is the park centrally located, it is close to other amenities such as the Orem Public Library, restrooms, and ample parking.   



The playground is expected to be about 16,000 square feet so that there is plenty of room to play. 


The restrooms at the park are being rebuilt to accommodate wheelchairs and changing tables.